wa●s held in Beij

e much〓 more to worry a○bout.James Har●den had 26 points a○nd 15 assists ●to lead Houston 〓to victory on● Sunday.He w◆ould add 14 p?/p>

駉ints and eig◆ht assists● this night inc■luding that lob to ●KJ McDaniels early〓 in the first ●quarter.But the ma■in story of th◆e night wo●uld be about● Davis. The ○big man slips a■nd goes down awkwar

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ing. ●The teams a

d■ly, immedi〓ately gras◆ping his ankle an◆d in obvious p■ain. ○ Davis appears to● st

ep on N●ene's foot and t◆hen twist ○his right ankle●. He would ●not return.But Har●den knows the show m○ust go on.● And Houston would ■pull away wit○h the raucous cro●wd cheering them on,■ as the bearded on ●slices through for a〓n uncontes〓ted lay-up to make ○it 48-23 Rockets.Ha〓rden would■ be rested ●for the second ha●l

f but Houst●on go on t■o win 116-◆104,

mes a●nd played in Sh

their secon●d straight victor〓y in China, which m■ay have been di●sastrous for New Or〓leans

who a◆re only focuse●d on Davis."I don'◆t know any te〓chnical terms. I kno●w is just it's■ an ankle sprain. I■ don't know what gr〓ade it is ◆anything, I ◆haven't be able◆ to talk to the tra●iners yet," said■ New Orleans○ Pelicans coach Alvi○n Gentry. "The a○tmosphere w●as tough a●fter Davis go〓t hurt, he has kind ○of turned his ankl○e, and then got 〓checked up a little● bit. I thought over■all it was ◆a great trip for us,● we got a l■ot of things done. W○e are ready to○ go home," sa●id Houston Rocke●ts coach Mike ○D'antoni.Please s◆can the QR Code t●o follow us ■on InstagramP○lease scan〓 the QR Code■ to follow us■ on WechatA

s the ●second straight pre-◆season meeti



ng of th●e Houston Rockets ●and New Orlea●ns Pelicans was he○ld in Beijing. The t●eams are here as pa●rt of the NBA● Global Games■ and played i◆n Shanghai on● Sunday in 〓a close co●ntest won by Yao M○ing's former squad, ○the Rockets.NBA: ◆Pelicans lose ◆game and Al○l-Star cent○er Davis t■o ankle injuryNBA◆: Pelicans lo○se game and All-Star■ center Davis ○to ankle i■njury1

, but wh

0-13-2016 10■:53 BJTAs the s●econd straigh■t pre-season m●eeting of the Housto○n Rockets and New◆ Orleans Pelicans wa○s held in Be〓ijing. The teams are○ here as part of the◆ NBA Global Ga〓mes a

nd playe●d in Shanghai on Sun〓day in a clos●e contest won by Yao○ Ming's forme〓r squad, the Rocket○s. That mean○t the Pels were lo●oking for a b●it of redemption in● the Chinese● capital,

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